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Embedded Software Development

Vega IT develops embedded software solutions for customers in different market sectors. We use our experience, technical expertise and innovative thinking to deliver the right functionality at the right time.


Our Process


Proper embedded software development is crucial for the success of any project or product in which software needs to utilize the full potential of hardware. The embedded software development services include the construction of drivers, automation systems and similar instances in which the gap between the computers and machinery needs to be crossed. The time of IoT is arriving and it is important for all industries to be up to date with this trend.

What Makes Good Embedded Software?

Good embedded software is the one that you don’t notice. Namely, if your product operates smoothly with no glitches and delays, it means that your software works perfectly. In other words, if you forget that your machine is operated by drivers, your embedded software does its job flawlessly. Such pieces of software are our expertise and they come as the result of long and detailed embedded software development process.

It Provides Safety and Accuracy of Your Product

Embedded software applications are the fuel of functionality of your systems. That is why it is absolutely essential that your software is safe and that it meets the requirements of certification and qualification. Failing to understand these requirements can render your product unusable and vulnerable.

Failing to comply to the certification requirements will influence the entire life cycle of your software development. Vega IT can help you create your embedded software from the scratch or update your existing ones and iron out any bugs in the process.

It Allows for Flawless and Intuitive Communication

With the development of embedded software applications, the interface and the user interaction with it are also enhanced. Efficient embedded software development will leave you with a product that enables the users to communicate with the system via intuitive interfaces, sensors and similar tools.

It Boosts Functionality by Promoting Smooth M2M Operation

Good communication is not necessary with end users only. Embedded software environment should solve all issues in communication between machines, as well as between the computing and non-computing devices. This use is common in many different industries, including automotive, medical and communication industries among the others.

Why Should You Hire Vega IT as Your Embedded Software Development Company?

The first reason why Vega IT should be your embedded software development company is the fact that we have both experience and skills to create the embedded software environment that makes your product highly efficient and helps it stand out from the crowd. Here is what you get by hiring Vega IT:

  • Vega IT brings together 30+ embedded software development experts that can form the most efficient teams to offer the best solution for your company.
  • Our developers have over 5 years of experience being parts of many embedded development processes and coming up with the most effective solutions.

How to Hire Vega IT Sourcing?

We will offer the most logical and the most appealing solution for your project. Share your idea with us and we will form a team of the experts on the topic who will brainstorm until they come up with the best possible way to make your idea reality. Don’t worry about your idea leaking to the public, because will will protect your privacy entirely.

In just 4 simple steps, you will get your project done, the way you want it done.

Step 1 – Contact us using the form, giving us a general idea about what you need.
Step 2 – We’ll sign a NDA, so that you are sure your idea is safe with us.
Step 3 – We estimate the project, pick our best experts for that field and get to work!
Step 4 – You get your final product just the way you imagined it.

Take the first step right now and see how your idea grows and becomes reality.

Technologies we mostly use

Java for Android
Java EE

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