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Innovation. Excellence. Pioneering. The iOS market currently has almost 20% of the global market share – and users are hungry for innovative products. Have you hopped on a bandwagon? With our iOS engineers, you can make your idea come to life.

The benefits of iOS application development services

Your idea. Our execution. We are not just another software development company. We are your technical partner. That means we take time to learn everything about your business and propose innovative solutions that work for you. And then you’ll feel unstoppable.

Great market potential

Years of experience. Infinite possibilities. The Apple App Store is a lucrative marketplace. Millions of active users are actively exploring apps that can help them improve their quality of life, work more productively, or have fun. So, let’s be a part of this trend – together.

Build brand loyalty

Loyal users. Predictable revenue. iOS users favor the visual appeal and user-friendly experience. To build a base of loyal users, you need to translate these values into your app. Our iOS engineers can make it happen.

The ultimate app quality

Transform engagement. Delight your users. iOS devices are known for their consistent and seamless user experience. Apple has strict guidelines for app development, which ensures that apps on its App Store maintain a high level of quality. The expectations are high. Let’s exceed them, together.

Uncompromisable security

User data stays safely protected. Your reputation as well. In the modern day’s digital economy, we’re witnessing unlawful app data selling and security breaches. iOS apps are subject to rigorous security standards, and Apple's app review process keeps malicious or poorly designed apps away from the App Store. We share the same sentiment for excellence. 

Continuous improvement

Scalable. Future-proof. The iOS landscape is constantly updated, with new features and improvements constantly introduced. Our iOS engineers receive support from Apple and can take advantage of new tools and technologies. Your apps will always stay up-to-date and compatible with the latest iOS versions.

Strength in numbers

16 +
Years in the market
750 +
Expert software engineers
1500 +
Projects launched
200 +
Clients trusting us

Why do you need our iOS engineers?

Think big. No box required. The community of iOS users is tech-savvy, passionate, and curious. They are hungry for new, innovative products. We know this user base like the back of our hand. We’re also a part of it. With Vega IT's iOS app development services, you get passionate experts who are genuinely excited about creating something from scratch.

Domain expertise

Comprehensive skill set. Commitment to excellence. Our iOS engineers have vast experience in navigating the unique aspects of iOS development. This includes using Swift or Objective-C programming languages, working with the iOS SDK, and adhering to Apple's design and development guidelines. Worry not – we know the drill.

Fast and steady

Launch faster. Preserve quality. Streamline the development process by tapping into the expertise of our iOS engineers. We bring a deep understanding of the platform's intricacies, which allows us to accelerate project timelines. We adapt to evolving industry trends. Then we help you set new ones.

Focus more, stress less

Have your cake. And eat it. It is possible to have the best of both worlds. Merge our expertise and your in-house competencies. Allow yourself to focus on what matters. Optimize costs. Scale as you need. When all players lean into their strengths, the chances of winning the game go through the roof.

We’re here to find fast, elegant solutions to your trickiest problems.

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Technical capabilities of our iOS engineers

Innovative mindset. Pioneering solutions. Our iOS engineering team crafts resilient and feature-packed applications tailored for the Apple ecosystem. Committed to staying at the forefront, we embrace a culture of continuous learning and nurture our talent with great care. At a company level, we take the same principles into our relationships with clients.

  • Proficiency in Swift and Objective-C programming languages
  • UI/UX design using SwiftUI, UIKit, and more (vast experience in creating intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces with respect to Apple's design guidelines)
  • In-depth knowledge of iOS architecture (e.g. Kernel, Core OS layer, Core Services Layer, Cocoa Touch Layer, and more)
  • Proficient in using Xcode
  • Experience in iOS SDK for robust feature integration
  • App optimization to ensure smooth interactions, responsiveness, and high performance
  • Experience with integrating third-party APIs and services to boost app functionality
  • Design and development with scalability in mind
  • Staying informed about the latest iOS updates, trends, and best practices
  • Experience with advanced functionalities (e.g. Face ID)

What we have done for our customers 

Our work

Our tech stack: designed to work with yours

  • React Native
    React Native
  • Flutter
  • Ios Text
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Objective C
  • Java
    Java for Android
  • Phone Gap
    Phone Gap
  • Cordova
  • Html
  • CSS
  • Gulp
  • Node Js

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Which business model suits you?

Different budgets, deadlines, challenges, and requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to software development. To match your exact goals and ambitions, we offer two types of business models:

  • Time & material: Greater control. Flexibility. Participation in candidate selection. With no rigid processes or end dates, this business model is easier to scale up or down as your business needs change.
  • Fixed price: Fixed scope. Fixed budget. Fixed timeline. Those are the main benefits of the fixed price model. You set the requirements upfront, and we deliver the project within them.

Many clients choose to start with the fixed-price model. However, as their project scope evolves, they typically shift to the time & material model.

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Other mobile services we offer

We’re passionate about making your dream a reality, which means we’re not just about the deliverables – we’re your committed, expert partner. We’ll work to enhance your strategies, execute your plans and create the success story you imagined.

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