How we optimized Viantro – a go-to medical matchmaking platform

Boban Miksin Categories: Business Insights, Case Studies Date 11-Dec-2020 3 minute to read

We helped Viantro, a Germany-based medical recruiting company, optimize their matchmaking platform.

Viantro Doctari Case Study

    How to hire a doctor: optimizing Germany’s go-to medical matchmaking platform

    Viantro  is a matchmaking platform that connects licensed, pre-qualified doctors with clinics that want to hire them, creating a faster, smoother hiring process for both sides.

    The challenge: improving the efficiency of the platform 

    Viantro’s platform was already having a positive impact in Germany: medical institutions could shorten their hiring process from an average of 136 days to just a few days. But, as they continued to grow, the legacy code was causing issues to both the platform’s speed and security; they needed expert support optimizing the code – and the platform.

    The team: six software specialists

    Initially, we placed two dedicated software developers in-house, to work as a true extension of the Viantro team. Over time the team of developers grew to six.

    From a search process of around 1-2 minutes to just a few seconds 

    Since working with Viantro, they’ve been able to process more applications and remain Germany's go-to platform for medical matchmaking: by optimizing the code, we were able to lower the search process for users from 1-2 minutes to only a few seconds, making the experience feel more real-time. And we made the tech a lot faster to work with too – reducing the deploy time of new features from weeks and months to just days. Here’s how we did it:

    A whole new front end 

    Our audit of the front-end application highlighted a couple of major problems: it was not tested, and tightly coupled. It took weeks to implement even the simplest features. And expanding on old applications was unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming. Our solution? Build a completely new front end from scratch – using the latest technologies and best practices that would allow for a faster, more flexible application.

    A cleaner, refactored back-end

    Viantro had already accumulated a large amount of valuable data, so starting from scratch with the back end wasn’t an option. Instead, we took a refactoring approach to build on what was already there. It was detailed, careful work: we cleaned up the system piece by piece, little by little. Then we built new backward-compatible services, and removed the old ones. We introduced mandatory testing, and built new architecture according to the best practices. The results were instantly noticeable: a more stable, secure and faster system. 

    Fully compliant, totally secure

    We made the entire data management process GDPR-compliant, which protects the users' personal data and – as the new application is now covered with tests – has made the software more reliable.

    Acquisition: a brighter future ahead

    The continued success of Viantro led to their acquisition by leading healthcare tech company, Doctari, in 2021 – and we helped. Read our case study to learn more about how we helped Doctari integrate and synchronize with Viantro.

    The technologies we used: an overview

    • Front-end side – we used HTML, CSS, Angular, NgRx library, and Angular material.
    • Testing – we used Karma and Jasmine.
    • Back-end side – we used Java, Spring framework, and PostgreSQL for the database.


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