From bugfix to total rebuild: Supercharging the Braintoss productivity app

Boban Miksin Categories: Business Insights, Case Studies Date 09-Feb-2021 2 minute to read

How we helped the Braintoss become faster, scalable, and more stable


    Braintoss is a productivity app that’s developed a simple way to capture thoughts and To Do’s – as images, text and voice notes – in one click and sends them directly to your inbox. People loved the app, but hated the bugs and reliability issues. That’s where we came in.

    The challenge: more than a few bugs

    Initially, Braintoss asked us to fix a few bugs in their app. After digging into the code, we quickly realized it would be better – and faster – to rewrite the entire application from scratch. 

    The team: multi-platform experts

    We deployed a team of experienced Flutter engineers with experience building multi-platform applications from a single codebase – exactly what Braintoss needed. 

    The result: a faster, more stable application 

    Our improvements made the app faster and more stable, and saw its ratings improve on the App Store and Play Store. Alongside improving the app’s user experience, we also helped launch the Apple Watch extension – helping reach a whole new level of convenience for users. Here are a few things we did to get the results:

    Rebuilt for success

    Our team's expertise allowed us to quickly identify all of the existing issues in the app. The speed with which they did this meant that we could spend more time rebuilding the app, as this would be a more successful solution. 

    Emulate & replicate 

    The app can run on Ford vehicles - but no one at Vega drives a Ford. Without a car to test the app on, we used an emulator to simulate how it might work. And because the emulator wasn’t a 100% match to the Ford vehicles, we customized the emulator itself to give us a near-perfect test environment. Problem solved.

    The technical bit

    For mobile applications, we used Flutter.

    For developing the Apple Watch extension on watchOS, we used Swift.

    For the Ford car application, we used Kotlin and Swift. 

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