Building a new website for the Bank of Cyprus

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Bank Of Cypress Case Study

    Better banking online: rebuilding the Bank of Cyprus website for the digital age

    Bank of Cyprus is the leading bank in Cyprus with over 775,000 clients. We helped the bank build a more intuitive website, improving customer satisfaction, driving more registrations and helping to consolidate the bank’s position in the Cypriot market.

    The challenge: fix the user experience

    The Bank of Cyprus website needed a refresh to help users easily find the information, products and services they need. Our team set out to improve the whole user experience – from developing new page designs to supporting multiple languages – while providing an accessible content management system with a stable and easily maintained tech solution. And we had to achieve all this while working with the bank’s legacy systems.

    Bank Of Cypress Case Study

    The pivotal goal of this project was to create an appealing online experience for Bank’s end-clients.


    With already developed UI design for the new website, our responsibility was to implement all the technical aspects of the website. At the same time, we needed to create a website that will be easy to manage/update by the client’s editor.

    The pivotal goal of this project was to create an appealing online experience for Bank’s end-clients. These changes would help them firmly establish the brand as a dominant company on the Cypriot market.


    Our client needed a website to present their services, offers and new updates to their customers, so we suggested using the EPiServer content management system. The new and easily-managed website reflects a company’s new visual identity. During the development process, together with the client, we decided to implement additional pages and features to the website.

    Since the Bank is serving both Cypriots and non-Cypriots customers in Cyprus, we implemented a multi-language feature on their national website. By choosing a preferred language, Bank’s clients can find needed information in four different languages.

    With EPiServer CMS, we solved the client’s problem of implementing constant updates and changes to their website.


    The client-side used the following technology: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, while the server-side used EPiServer CMS v10, the .NET Framework, and C# programming language.

    The team:
    Our team consisted of 2 EPiServer developers, a front-end developer, and a project manager


    The website launch was successful. New UI & UX made browsing on the website more intuitive, which led to increased satisfaction of their existing clients, recorded growth in registering new clients and improved Bank’s financial results.

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