How we helped the Companion app reach over 31.000 registered users

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As their tech partner, we helped Companion, a mental health app, improve user experiences and reach more people.

Companion App Case Study

    Companion is a mental health and well-being app based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles in the workplace. The app provides users with information on how to manage stress and anxiety. We joined Companion as a software development partner to help the app increase its audience and improve its functionality.

    Disclaimer: In 2023, Companion was acquired by Terryberry, a US-based employee engagement business.

    Companion App Blog Details

    The challenge: Launching on Android and improving UI & UX

    Companion’s iOS app was like a proof of concept – once it had gained traction on the App Store, the team behind it decided to launch for Android, too, as well as adding a host of new features. Companion came to us with two goals: reaching more people and giving them a better experience with the app. 

    The team: 9 mobile development experts 

    We deployed a team that could cater specifically to the needs of the client and project. We had a number of iOS and Android engineers on the team and ensured they all had an understanding of the HealthTech industry and its tight regulations.

    The result: A compact application, mighty advancements 

    We created a versatile app for Companion, packed full of new and improved functionality on iOS and Android. And we built it in ReactNative, with an Umbraco CMS — making it effortless to update content, regardless of device (iOS, Android, mobile, tablet, and so forth). 

    After launching the refreshed apps, Companion recorded increased satisfaction and notable growth in both downloads and subscriptions to the platform. Since our work together, Companion now has an average of 4k+ users a month and 31k+ registered in total.

    Some ways we got those results:

    Two platforms. One code.

    We used React Native to develop the two mobile apps using just one code. This significantly reduced the costs of the project while simultaneously simplifying the overall process.

    Easy to use, easy to update

    By using Umbraco, we’ve now made it possible for Companion to effortlessly change content regardless of device. This saves the team a whole lot of time, money, and hassle. 

    A fresh look and feel

    For both iOS and Android, we refreshed the UI and UX with a more intuitive design. And we elevated the in-app experience by improving essential features within the app, from push notifications to annual subscriptions, content categorization to breathing exercises and everything in between.

    The tech we used:

    • Objective C on iOS
    • Java on Android
    • React Native
    • Umbraco
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