Using Salesforce to help an IT recruitment team create reports in less than a minute

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    We increased the efficiency of an IT recruitment team with a scalable Salesforce system

    The client is an IT company, with the number of employees growing at an astonishing pace. They were looking for a software solution that would streamline and automate the processes of their recruitment team.

    The challenge: Finding an ATS solution that matches the client’s recruitment process

    When the client was starting out, they managed recruitment tasks using Excel or Google Spreadsheets. Such a solution was easy to use, making data inputs, filtering, and management a piece of cake. They were also highly user-friendly and didn’t require any excessive employee training. The recruitment team easily created comprehensive reports on talent management using the table data, including important notes or previous emails and meetings with candidates.

    However, parallel with the company’s growth, their recruitment process has become more complex. Their recruitment team expanded, the number of employees grew, and new HR processes were implemented. Consequently, their recruitment table reached 20 columns and 7000 rows, as well as a few additional spreadsheets.

    As a result, the entire recruitment process performance was compromised. Page loading times have become extremely slow, making searches challenging and report creation more difficult than ever.

    To improve processes, the client decided to invest in an applicant tracking system. They tried out different ATS solutions, but none of them fully met their needs in terms of visibility, accessibility, and reporting capabilities. They didn’t even fully support the data migration process, resulting in significant data loss over time.

    That is when the client contacted us, asking us to create a custom software solution that would:

    • be employee-friendly and easy to use

    • provide a seamless onboarding process for new candidates

    • resemble their existing spreadsheets but be more effective than them

    • enable limitless data entry and faster candidate searches

    • ensure full data transparency

    • allow for easier data migration

    • let them export data into Excel to facilitate the reporting process

    • provide a chronological overview of the employee data

    • be time-efficient and employee-friendly

    Having analyzed their objectives and pain points, we recognized Salesforce as a solution to their problem.

    The team: A Salesforce advisory and development team

    Even though the client had an in-house team, they lacked technical expertise in Salesforce, as well as domain experience in the recruitment sector. That is why they were looking for an extension of their team, and Vega IT seemed like a perfect fit.

    We formed a Salesforce advisory and development team that worked side by side with their recruitment team. Our experience in the recruitment industry and its processes helped us understand their exact needs, problems, and values and turn them into viable solutions that work for them, not the other way around.

    The solution: Working in two-week sprints to streamline recruitment processes

    Straight from the get-go, our team worked hand-in-hand with the client to develop a custom-made recruitment application using Salesforce.

    Working in two-week sprints, we refined and adapted the application based on user feedback from each demo. One big challenge we successfully navigated was migrating an extensive database from spreadsheets into Salesforce.

    The real game-changer was how we harnessed Salesforce's vast features to streamline recruitment processes, introducing automation for better efficiency. Our hands-on role in this project led to a highly tailored recruitment solution that maximized the potential of Salesforce.

    The results: Cutting the reporting process down from three hours to one minute

    We created an innovative solution, created specifically for the needs of the client’s recruitment team. The system enabled the client to migrate their data seamlessly, without losing any important information. Moreover, with the introduction of Salesforce, the entire process has become far simpler and better optimized.

    The new Salesforce system supported all recruitment phases, from candidate sourcing to employment. It creates a unique candidate base, simplifying the employment process. That enables them to identify certain patterns and gain invaluable insights into their operations, allowing the team to constantly learn and improve their processes. Most importantly, many processes, from data entry to reporting, were automated, saving the team both time and energy.

    The Salesforce solution we co-created with the client brought multiple benefits to the table, including:

    • data reporting – The process of data configuration and report creation, which initially took three hours or more, can now be handled within a minute. The team uses predefined reports that are automatically updated with each database change.

    • increased information transparency – We created a system that allows for data accessibility and visibility in real-time. We minimized page loading times, improving the ease of search and software usability

    • in-depth candidate information – The system allows for the creation of detailed candidate profiles, storing all relevant information and communication history.

    • data accuracy – The recruitment team encountered various problems, such as incorrect data entry and unfilled form fields. We solved this by implementing mandatory fields that ensured that all crucial information was added.

    • simpler candidate engagement – The system sends reminders for reconnecting with candidates automatically.

    • system scalability – The base is designed to be easy to upgrade, allowing the software to learn and develop over time to meet the growing needs of the recruitment team.

    And, the results? Creating a stable system that allows the recruitment team to stay on top of a growing base that currently contains 10,929 candidates. The client noticed huge improvements in setting reporting parameters and the efficiency of the entire recruitment reporting process. To enable the utmost efficiency of the system, we add new information and functionalities on a daily basis.

    The full tech stack

    • Salesforce Lightning

    • Apex

    • Flow Builder

    • Salesforce's Data Import Wizard

    • Salesforce's Data Loader

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