Helping Optibrium enhance efficiency and keep a competitive edge through cloud deployment

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Our DevOps and QA engineers helped a leading PharmaTech company make its drug discovery platform available in the cloud.

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    Founded in 2009, Optibrium is a company focused on the development of innovative products and technologies that facilitate the drug discovery process. They lead the way in decision-analysis and predictive modeling research, collaborating with leading pharma, biotech, and agrochemical companies, as well as a range of non-profit organizations. 

    The challenge: The virtualization of Optibrium’s software

    The client was looking for a team with experience in their industry to help them with the virtualization of StarDrop to create a cloud-based version of their product that retained all the functionality and interactivity of the original desktop application. 

    Their primary goal was to help customers reduce costs by offering new deployment options for the core product through virtualization. This would help customers reduce the time and money required to maintain and support on-premises solutions. 

    Most importantly, the cloud deployment enabled them to keep pace with the latest technology trends and stay ahead of their competition in an industry that is swiftly transitioning to the cloud. 

    An eight-person team of DevOps and QA engineers

    Optibrium was looking for a team of DevOps and QA engineers with experience in PharmaTech and chemistry, and that’s where Vega IT came in. We assembled a team of three QA engineers, a QA tech principle, and four DevOps engineers, with a vast understanding of the client’s industry.

    Familiar with their challenges, aspirations, and pain points, we were able to provide innovative solutions tailored to their requirements.

    The solution: Processes optimized at every level

    A comprehensive QA testing strategy

    Our QA team led a radical transformation in the client’s strategy. We helped them transition from traditional quality assurance practices to a more holistic approach that encompassed a spectrum of disciplines, such as QA, performance testing, security, and automation testing.   This shift enabled seamless integration into CI/CD, propelling the client toward continuous delivery while simultaneously increasing software quality and efficiency.

    Optimized processes 

    Our seasoned team of DevOps engineers facilitated the system’s data security and transparency. They wrote Infrastructure as Code for faster and more reliable provisioning of the client’s infrastructure and optimized the deployment pipelines. 

    Enhanced data security

    In the HealthTech sector, data security is paramount. The provisioning of StarDrop in the cloud environment necessitated that the client strengthen their data security policies. And, our team played a critical role in the process. Our DevOps engineers created a solution that included multiple layers of security to protect sensitive information at every stage of the data lifecycle in the infrastructure.

    The full tech stack

    QA tools

    • Robot Framework 

    DevOps tools 


    • AWS

    Infrastructure as Code: 

    • Terraform Cloud

    Containerization and packaging:

    • Docker
    • AWS EKS
    • HELM


    • Argo CD
    • GitHub Actions
    • Jenkins
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