How we created a mobile app for Heinzer-IT in just two months

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We helped Heinzer-IT create a seamless mobile app for Android and iOS that connects female leaders who are members of SME business clubs.

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    Heinzer IT is an IT services and consulting company. Apart from digitization, online strategy creation, and a number of IT services, Heinzer IT also provides managed services, including managed cybersecurity, managed workspace, cloud computing, and many more. 

    The challenge: creating an administration app for business clubs

    Heinzer IT worked with us on building an administration app for business clubs, foundations, and companies. The primary purpose of the app is to seamlessly connect entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and women in leading positions. That was the opportunity for them to exchange information and form their own network. 

    The client wanted us to roll out the app in two months. The goal was to present the application on the club’s 20th anniversary.

    The two-person team for driving immediate success

    We deployed a two-person team, consisting of a project manager and a mobile engineer.

    The result – mobile app development in two months

    The client’s fresh idea and our deep domain knowledge proved to be a match made in heaven. We started working on the app development on January 31st and delivered it on March 31st. Building an app in two months – quite impressive. That allowed the business club to present the app at an event celebrating its 20th anniversary.

    How we achieved those results:

    Increased functionality as a paramount

    The client was impressed to find out that all the MVP features they requested were ready. The goal was to create a user-centric solution to provide business club members with a worry-less experience. Users can present themselves by creating profiles and personalizing them. They get updates about upcoming various events and subscribe/unsubscribe. The search function helps them find club members or events. 

    Admins get additional features, such as creating members, events, and news. 

    Expert-level feedback and innovation

    Elbow-deep in mobile application development, our seasoned team provided constructive feedback and proposed innovative app improvements. That helped to enhance the overall application performance. 

    The full tech stack

    • Flutter for mobile app development
    • The BLoC pattern for state management 
    • We applied Clean Architecture with separated domain, presentation, and data parts for better scalability in the future. 
    • Supabase as a backend service for application development 

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