Case Study: Salesforce Custom Application - New Employees Onboarding Process

Jovica Turcinovic Categories: Business Insights, Case Studies Date 08-Jul-2021 4 minute to read

    Our People Experience and Support team recently wanted to develop a custom application that will help them automate the new onboarding process at Vega IT.

    Since the onboarding process consists of 40 steps, involves 20 people, and lasts for six months, we've created a custom Salesforce solution to help them improve the existing process.

    The Goals:

    The project's goal was to create a custom Salesforce application that will support the company's onboarding process. Since this is an integral part of the company's operations, we needed to create a reliable solution that will be extendable and easy to maintain.

    Our People Experience and Support team needed a solution that would improve onboarding efficiency and accuracy. At the same time, the goal was to track the transition from a new employee to a fully boarded employee.

    The Solution:

    Our Salesforce professionals ran a discovery phase with the People Experience and Support team to document and specify the required functionalities. Our engineers designed the architecture and custom objects model while keeping in mind current and future needs.

    Since all employees at Vega IT use Google Calendar, one of the implemented functionalities was syncing events and meetings between Salesforce and Google Calendar.

    The application's dashboard provides custom reporting essential for tracking each employee’s progress in the onboarding process.

    These reports helped the People Experience and Support team delegate the tasks more efficiently and enabled them to check if all required tasks have been completed or if any mistakes have been made in this complex process.

    The solution involved Salesforce best practices and the tool for proper validations, avoiding duplication.


    Automation (Process Builder, Flows), Salesforce Apex, Integration (OAuth 2.0).

    The Team:

    The team consisted of 3 Salesforce developers and one Salesforce consultant.

    The Results:

    The launch of the onboarding application was successful. Five members from the People Experience and Support team participated in hands-on workshops, where our Salesforce team trained them on how to use the system efficiently.

    Our first reports show that the application increased the team’s efficiency by 3 times and reduced errors by 20% inthe first month of use.

    After seeing the benefits of the application, our People Experience and Support team recognized more opportunities to automate the existing processes, which we'll add in the next phase of the development.

    If you are interested to learn more about this project or our Salesforce services, feel free to get in touch!