How we built a scalable, investment-worthy system for FaultFixers

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FaultFixers contacted us to help them improve their legacy system and optimize it for new features and functionalities. The result? Building a highly stable and scalable system that has helped them penetrate new markets and attract investors.

Faultfixers Case Study News

    Making maintenance management simple and straightforward for care homes, schools, and any property needing facility management. FaultFixers is a powerful maintenance management system consisting of three easy-to-use apps. It focuses on increasing team efficiency, digitizing maintenance operations, and enhancing time and cost savings. Their clients get oversight and control of their properties right from their computers or mobile phones.

    The challenge: Optimizing a dated legacy system for future growth

    When FaultFixers initially reached out to us, their primary objectives were to bolster their client base and secure new investors. Their vision involved establishing a competitive advantage over other maintenance providers in the UK. To achieve this, they needed to improve the performance and capabilities of their existing legacy system.

    The team: A dedicated team made of expert software engineers

    FaultFixers were looking for a dedicated team – domain experts with robust technical expertise that they could rely on from the very beginning. They were not looking for just task solvers. They needed a team that would understand the intricacies of their dated legacy system so that they could deliver innovative, custom-made solutions.

    That is exactly where Vega IT came to the spotlight, as their only tech partner. Four people from Vega IT contributed to the project, including mobile app developers, front-end developers, and back-end developers.

    The solution: Optimizing the system and adding new features

    The client’s primary goal was to improve the satisfaction of their legacy clients as well as attract new ones. They wanted to do that by introducing a range of new functionalities that their existing clients asked for. However, such implementations extended the capabilities of the legacy system. Our responsibility was to execute the necessary modifications and optimizations to the entire project structure. With every new sprint, new functionalities and upgrades are introduced.

    For instance, we had to streamline the database design and enhance the overall project structure. Each new feature gave an opportunity to iteratively refactor alongside the functionality for longer-term stability. Furthermore, we focused on bolstering the old system's speed, stability, and efficiency. And that’s what we managed to achieve.

    As FaultFixers' tech partner, we actively contribute to their decision-making processes, proposing new ideas and innovative solutions.

    The results: A platform that enhances client satisfaction and draws in investors

    When FaultFixers first contacted us, they wanted to fortify their position in the UK market by attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Today, their client base not only spans across Europe but also extends to the US.

    The platform has now been tailored to meet the specific needs of FaultFixers' end clients, making the process more efficient, quicker, and user-friendly. This transformation is most evident in the substantial rise in client satisfaction over the past few years.

    The tech stack:


    • Java
    • Spring Boot
    • MongoDB
    • AWS


    • JavaScript
    • AngularJS
    • VueJS
    • CSS
    • HTML

    Mobile app development:

    • ReactNative
    • CI/CD(Fastlane)
    • Class Component functionality
    • JavaScript(ES6)
    • Context API (state management)

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