How we helped Aprimo reduce search time from several minutes to tens of milliseconds

Boban Miksin Date 18-Nov-2017 4 minute to read

We provided Aprimo with a dedicated team, helping them achieve greater app stability and performance.

Aprimo Case Study

    Providing a 360-degree view of the entire content lifecycle. Revolutionizing the way marketers measure and manage digital assets. Aprimo is a marketing resource management space creator and a leading provider of digital assets management software (DAM). It lets marketers plan, create, and distribute content in one place while gaining invaluable insights into the performance of their content marketing efforts.

    The challenge: Improving the search time of the DAM content hub

    Initially, the client wanted to improve their existing software product to enhance user experience. They detected various areas for improvement, and the software search time was one of them.

    By improving their DAM content hub, they wanted to enhance the overall experience. They were looking for a technical partner with an understanding of their industry to support their efforts and help them along the way.

    The team: A dedicated team of expert software engineers

    We created a dedicated team of versatile experts in the client’s industry to meet their needs. This was a six-person firepower consisting of four back-end developers and two support engineers. We worked with the client, providing fresh ideas and deep tech knowledge that helped them achieve the desired results quickly.

    The solution: Working towards greater stability and performance

    We introduced numerous innovative solutions in the software development process.

    For example, we introduced Elasticsearch into the system, dramatically reducing search execution. Over time, we shifted from the 1.7.3 version to Elasticsearch 7, which additionally enhanced application performance.

    Additionally, we applied refactoring and functional changes in the multiple products of the Aprimo Smart Content Hub, such as Aprimo Core, Aprimo Workflow, Products, and Aprimo Rest. That is how we achieved better performance and stability.

    Results: Dramatically reduced search time

    Aprimo wanted to reduce search time. And, that’s exactly what we delivered. We helped them reduce search time from several minutes to tens of milliseconds.

    Additionally, we created the new GUI (Graphical User Interface) and REST API in collaboration with Aprimo's team.

    Today, the system counts on 4800 unique verification software tests. The addition of more tests helped increase the reliability of the application. Soon, Aprimo will be available on Azure as SaaS.

    The tech stack

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • React JavaScript library
    • ASP.NET Core
    • Azure Cloud Services
    • Azure Workflows
    Boban Miksin CTO

    Boban is a craftsman with more than ten years of dedicated service to the development and management of new software.

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