Business analysts

Insight. Precision. Efficiency. Our business analysts are the key contact between you and the development team, efficiently translating business requirements into development ones. We’re here to understand your product, users, and problems, gather and prepare requirements for the product, and work with the engineering team to turn your vision into reality.

The benefits of business analysts

Your goals. Our expertise. We have 15 years of experience in various industries, including highly regulated sectors such as FinTech, InsurTech, and HealthTech. And, we’ve gathered loads of experience along the way. We use our domain experience to understand your industry’s specific goals and make digital products that generate lasting value.

Understanding your needs

We listen to understand. From the get-go. Our business analysts work closely with you to understand your business needs and objectives. Then we investigate market trends and needs to help you make informed decisions, and later build the product right. We’ll work closely with the development team to make sure everything goes in the right direction.

Requirements clarity

No stone left unturned. Our business analysts take the time to understand the status quo and your needs. Through interviews, surveys, workshops, and document analysis, we work on defining requirements. We provide crucial information for the entire project team, including risk assessment, feature dependencies, holistic overview, and visualizations.

Risk assessment

Identify risks. Effectively manage them. We identify risks on a product level, map out all the dependencies, and then alert the project manager, who creates a mitigation plan on the project level. This is how we make sure that the implementation of the software happens as smoothly as possible.

Strategic planning

Informed strategies. Impactful business moves. We conduct a thorough market and competitor analysis, understand different stakeholders' expectations, including users' feedback and desires, and understand the feasibility part (based on dev team information). This is how we enable product owners or project managers to create the most meaningful path forward.

Continuous improvement

Never stop improving. Scale stratehically. Through ongoing analysis and feedback loops, our business analysts help you adapt to changing market conditions, technological advancements, and evolving customer preferences. We continuously analyze competitors to ensure the solutions offered are competitive and innovative on the market.

Strength in numbers

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Years in the market
750 +
Expert software engineers
1500 +
Projects launched
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Clients trusting us

Why do you need our business analysts?

In-depth insights. Unwavering dedication. That's the winning combination our business analyst services bring to you. We’re at our best when matching your ambition and finding new and better ways to create digital products that generate value.

Access to specialized analytical skills

Minds in the business. Hearts in the analysis. We bring a wealth of experience, adept at navigating complex data landscapes. We create requirements, and documentation and conduct analysis of the market, users, and business. Think of us as the glue between the business and development teams.

Innovation backed by experience

Architects of innovation. Your business navigators. We’ve worked on a variety of projects across Europe, the UAE, and the US. We help you not only stay afloat but sail confidently through change, making sure that every improvement isn't just a lofty idea but a tangible step forward.

Focus on core competencies

Time is your most precious currency–spend it where it matters. Concentrate on the areas where your in-house team truly shines. We are here to analyze business and customer needs, pain points, objectives, and jobs they want to do in the digital product.

What we have done for our customers

Our work

Expert skills of our business analysts

Identifying opportunities. Maximizing impact. Our business analysts invest an effort to learn how your business operates. We propose how to improve your digital product and identify potential gaps in the process. All by relying on gathered data. Make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

We’re great analytical minds

We analyze information critically, evaluate its relevance, and help you make sound decisions based on the available data.


We identify problems, analyze root causes, and suggest effective solutions for your digital product.

We’re amazing communicators

We communicate effectively with all stakeholders, present our findings, document requirements, and facilitate meetings, enabling you to understand and act on data.


We actively listen to your needs and requests to make sure we turn raw data into insights that matter.


We can create different types of diagrams and visual representations so that all key stakeholders can easily understand how the process works, and how will the product support the process.

We’re customer-oriented

We work on identifying who your ideal customer is and defining your product’s wedge so that you can dominate the market and grow sustainably.

We create user journeys and personas so that you can understand your customers better and design products and services that they want and need.

We make sure the voice of your customers is heard and understood so that you have all the insights you need to continuously improve your product.

We’re tech experts

We know the principles of Database Management Systems (DBMS), know-how databases work (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle), understand relationships between tables, and know how to write complex queries.ž

We can understand and map the main use cases of the product and create UML diagrams to represent the overall landscape.

We’re proficient in using prototyping and wireframing tools such as Axure, Balsamiq, and Sketch to create visual representations of user interfaces.

Continuous improvement

Never stop improving. Scale stratehically. Through ongoing analysis and feedback loops, our business analysts help you adapt to changing market conditions, technological advancements, and evolving customer preferences. We continuously analyze competitors to ensure the solutions offered are competitive and innovative on the market.

You bring the vision. We bring the knowledge. Direct your focus where it matters by meaningfully extending your team.

Which business model suits you?

Different budgets, deadlines, challenges, and requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to software development. To match your exact goals and ambitions, we offer two types of business models:

  • Time & material: Greater control. Flexibility. Participation in candidate selection. With no rigid processes or end dates, this business model is easier to scale up or down as your business needs change.
  • Fixed price: Fixed scope. Fixed budget. Fixed timeline. Those are the main benefits of the fixed price model. You set the requirements upfront, and we deliver the project within them.

Many clients choose to start with the fixed-price model. However, as their project scope evolves, they typically shift to the time & material model.

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