Whitespace scales out its Platform integration capability with Vega IT

Date 02-Nov-2023 2 minute to read
Whitespace Partnerstvo Vizuali News

    Whitespace, the fully digital e-trading platform and a Verisk company, has announced Vega IT as an integration partner. The partnership is a pivotal component of Whitespace’s strategy to expand the delivery of its integration capabilities, ensuring customers have the mechanism to implement solutions quickly.

    What is Whitespace?

    Whitespace Software Limited is a London-based technology company focused on the digital transformation of the insurance industry. It has particular expertise in digital contracts, electronic trading, claims management, pricing, and Lloyd’s members’ agents – the area that drove its first success when it started in 1985. Today it uses the very latest technologies to deliver the best possible digital insurance experiences at internet scale and with enterprise security. A key focus is the Whitespace Platform, the truly digital platform for the global (re)insurance marketplace. Whitespace is part of Verisk.

    The certified Whitespace integration partner

    Vega IT will support customers moving onto the Whitespace Platform in various ways, including structured data transfer, eradicating re-key, and automated broker and underwriter workflows. Whitespace’s rich set of more than 80 APIs will be critical to this work, since this gives Vega IT the building blocks with which they can assemble solutions, having no dependency on Whitespace Platform releases.

    This is a critical juncture in the London insurance market’s digital journey, as many brokers and carriers move to placing digital risks on new platforms. Together, Whitespace and Vega IT will develop the strongest practical solutions to support customers in joining the Platform as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    With more than 50 brokers, carriers and third parties experimenting and building out their integrations in our Sandbox, we need a mechanism to scale our expertise so that our customers and collaborators can succeed. Vega IT brings deep domain expertise along with passion and drive to build the next generation of cutting-edge digital solutions for the industry.

    Lee Timms, head of scaling and integrations at Whitespace

    We are excited to partner with Whitespace. With an API-first approach and a focus on the richness and reusability of data, Whitespace is a global leader in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and global outreach. Combining our deep expertise in insurance and digital product development with such a digitally advanced (re)insurance platform, we are well-positioned to be a strong pillar in co-creating Whitespace's clients' innovative solutions.

    Stanislav Grujic, co-chief technology officer, Vega IT

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