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Use Case: Companion App

Use Case: Companion App

Vega IT was approached by the client and was hired as an outsourcing service provider. Our responsibility was to develop an Android and iOS application based on the provided design.

The client originally had an existing iOS application available at the Apple Store which was gaining traction. However, it needed to be updated with a new and intuitive UI&UX design. By deciding to develop a mobile application for the Android platform, our client was able to target Android mobile users as well, which drastically increased the reach of the product.

Our client’s Stress and Anxiety Companion mobile applications help people handle stress, panic attacks and anxiety on-the-go using the following features: breathing exercises, relaxing music and games designed to calm the mind. Both apps help people overcome and reverse their negative thoughts.  

The Client:


Stress and anxiety companion app

You can download the applications for your mobile device at the links below.

Companion App for iOS and Companion App for Android


In order to grow the number of users, the client decided to spread across both main mobile platforms. Redesigned iOS application was more intuitive, easier to use and offered more functionalities when compared to the previous version. The new Android application needed to have the same functionalities and to be consistent with the brand guidelines.

Provided UI design was contemporary, clean, well-thought and functionality oriented. Our responsibility was to implement all the technical aspects of both apps while following the strict pixel-perfect design.


Our client needed mobile applications for Android and iOS mobile platforms that will help users reduce stress and anxiety through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles. By utilising strategic thinking and offering our suggestions, we were able to build compact applications with more functionalities than originally planned. Users are now able to find the necessary instructions, exercises and advice significantly faster.

Each segment has its individual visual identity and is easily accessible from any screen within the application, which makes the client’s applications user-centric and simple to use.


For the Android development we used: Java, XML, NodeJS, HTML, CSS

For the iOS development we used: Objective C, NodeJS, HTML, CSS

The team:

Our team consisted of an Android developer, an iOS developer and a Front-end developer.


Both Android and iOS application launches were successful and on time. The new UI&UX made the iOS app more intuitive, which led to increased satisfaction of their existing clients, recorded growth in both downloads and subscriptions.

Launching of the Android app made the client’s Stress and Anxiety Companion accessible to a wider range of users and the downloads of the app are recording daily increase.


During the development process, we exceeded our client’s expectations by offering our expert advice, meticulous planning and by displaying a strong work ethic. Due to the high client’s high satisfaction, we were offered a partnership in the client’s Companion App products. Since Vega IT became partner with the Companion App, we kept investing our time and knowledge into developing the premium software, which is now available for download.

For more information about this or any other project, feel free to contact us.

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