The most inspiring act of kindness

Maja Budinski Categories: Life At Vega IT Date 10-May-2018

    Last week something happened that reminded me of how important it is to be surrounded by people you love and who are always there to help you no matter what.

    It was just one of the activities that we often organize in our company which required a little bit of physical work. In other words, there were a few pieces of furniture that needed to be moved in order to make more space for the event that was about to happen the next day.

    For some reason (either because of a busy schedule or having great fun at the Happy Hour :)), our colleague Maja Nedučić simply forgot to do that during the working week when she had the opportunity to ask anyone for help. The weekend was almost over and Monday came in a flash. Now, moving chairs was really not that hard, and a girl like Maja could easily manage that. But, the billiard table was a whole different story. Suddenly, she found herself in a tense situation. She realized she needed a few more hands to move it.


    Because of their selfless kind gesture of helping Maja, Miloš Sečanski, Nenad Maljugić and Darko Opala were nominated for “The most inspiring act of kindness”.

    Then, she decided to call three of our colleagues and kindly ask them to come to the company on Sunday evening and help her move the billiard table. Although it was basically just a five-minute work, our colleagues Miloš, Nenad, and Darko wholeheartedly accepted the invitation, put their personal things and obligations aside, and came to the company. Not to mention the fact that it was the weekend when everybody was cooling off and charging their batteries for the upcoming busy week.

    Now, a few years ago, we started a tradition called the “The most inspiring act of kindness”. In its core, it is a way we show our gratitude to the colleagues who did something nice for other colleagues. Each one of us can nominate one or more colleagues for “The most inspiring act of kindness” at any time just by writing a single sentence why they think those colleagues deserve to be nominated. Anonymous online voting is organized when the occasion occurs.

    Because of their selfless kind gesture of helping Maja (which otherwise wouldn't have happened if she hadn't made a mistake), she would like to nominate Miloš Sečanski, Nenad Maljugić and Darko Opala for “The most inspiring act of kindness”.

    She says: “I would also like to take this chance to publicly thank Miloš, Nenad and Darko for accepting to give me a hand although they weren't obliged to do that whatsoever. Thanks, guys! This means a world to me!”