How we optimized the XXImo system to drive their global growth

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To prepare for international expansion, XXImo hired us to update their existing platform, making it more stable and scalable.

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    Simplifying business travel. Making mobility management flexible, smart, and sustainable. In a world where mobility is fast and increasingly complex, the XXImo platform represents a single solution for all mobility needs a company may have. As a VISA principal member, they are a mobility solutions and payment provider in the Netherlands operating across Europe.

    Their transaction and management platform takes care of all aspects of mobility payments, invoicing, and payrolling. They give cardholders but also administrators insight into their mobility, providing a suite of applications and portals. And, this is where Vega IT entered the scene as their technical partner.

    The challenge: Upgrading the legacy system to optimize it for future growth

    As a part of their international business expansion strategy, XXImo wanted to achieve ultimate system stability and make it easier to optimize, scale, and test.

    The back end

    On the back end, XXImo’s primary goal was to refactor the code since they planned to expand their service to new markets. They aimed to optimize the system by implementing innovative technologies and procedures that would help them increase the overall system performance and stability.

    As the client’s tech partner, we helped them assess the existing software architecture. Given the system's complexity, we decided to make a shift from a monolithic architecture to a microservice one. The first step in this modernization journey was wrapping core functionality in APIs to be able to divide parts of the system into separate microservices in order to increase the overall system's flexibility and scalability.

    We also were instrumental in expanding on our client’s fraud detection mechanisms.

    The front end

    XXImo needed front-end developers with a comprehensive understanding of Mendix – the low-code platform that served as the foundation for the XXImo system. They were looking for a dedicated tech partner to help them with the app redesign and, in that way, boost the overall user experience and functionality.

    Most importantly, they needed professionals with deep technical expertise who could take charge of the application, add new features, and ensure the utmost balance between the iOS and Android platforms.

    The team: A 22-person team to guide XXImo’s success

    XXImo had a small in-house back-end development team and was looking for an external team to augment it. The project itself required strong technical knowledge, as well as experience in the mobility industry.

    To meet the client’s needs, we compiled a team of ten front-end developers, eight back-end engineers, three quality assurance engineers, and a Scrum Master.

    Working on several different projects, both on the front end and the back end, we soon gained the client’s trust and became their only tech partner. We worked shoulder-to-shoulder with their in-house engineers. Our team was included in all planning meetings and contributed to the overall project ideation by suggesting innovative ideas and sharing our technical expertise.

    The solution: Optimizing the system performance on both the front end and the back end

    We contributed to the project’s overall success on multiple fronts.

    On the back end, we refactored the code. Multiple generic solutions were written so that the system could expand to various countries. Additionally, we provided full maintenance services to the client.

    On the front end, we worked on creating new features and migrating existing ones. In addition to improving the performance of the native application, we also significantly improved the functionality of the web app for users who don’t want to download their mobile app. We introduced a series of new features, making sure that the web application now resembles its native counterpart.

    This helped our client to close tenders with major brands in the Netherlands.

    The results: A modernized version of the legacy system

    At first, the client hired just a few of our engineers as an extension of their team. Over time, we proved to be their reliable software development partner – experts they could rely on. Our team, as well as our responsibilities on the project, have been growing exponentially ever since.

    Our biggest achievement is the fact that we quickly got up to speed with XXImo’s in-house legacy back-end code base and made significant steps to modernize it without disrupting core functionality. Meanwhile, we became the front-end team for our client, fully taking over front-end development across their entire application range and delivering key-added value to help close tenders.



    .NET Core


    Swift UI for the iOS app
    Kotlin for the Android app

    Front end:


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    Making business travel simpler. XXImo created one, seamless solution for all mobility goals. As their technical partners, we helped them roll out a multitude of innovative features and functionalities – tailored for their clients. We are delighted that we have been a part of this significant journey.

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