Corporate Social Responsibility

“It is our dream to create a happy and successful business, allowing us to use its success and power to make the world a better place” 

Part of our vision is environmentally oriented. We wish to exercise positive influence on the environment through activities aimed at sustainable development. Some of those activities are:

Charity IT Relay Race 2018

One more Charity IT Relay Race is behind us, and let me tell you something - it was amazing!

Charity IT relay race 2018

12 Days of Giving

In the following 12 days, we invite you to follow this link and vote for the cause. 

12 days of giving

Code for cause

From 8th until 10th September we aim to gather developers from Novi Sad for two days of non-stop programming in order to create an open-source project as a solution to the everyday problems we face in our city.

Charity IT Basket tournament 3:3

Vega IT is committed to using financial resources to forward a cause, while at the same time bringing the attention of other businesses and organizations to it. 10 IT companies, 4 judges, 2 courts for 1 common cause – charity. 

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

This aspect of CSR involves the promotion of social causes by businesses. We at Vega IT choose to promote a healthy lifestyle, which is why we have developed a platform appropriately called FitLife.


Charity IT Relay Race

It is one of the most common forms of CSR practiced by Vega IT. Corporate philanthropy involves companies donating, money, products or services to good causes. We have organized this event three years in a raw.

Community Volunteering

This form of CSR related activity often involves donating some staff hours for some charitable cause often within the community the company operates in. - The children's village.

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Charity Foosball Tournament

The idea is to involve as many IT companies and individuals with a common goal – the purchase of an MRI scanner for the Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina.Read

Socially Responsible Business Practices

Buying fair-trade products from suppliers is a common form of socially responsible business practice. Ever since the company’s inception, we have been collecting waste for recycling purposes giving our contribution to environmental protection. We use special bins for PVC waste and aluminum cans in our offices, as well as containers for disposal of plastic caps. In terms of electronic waste, we cooperate with companies dealing with its recycling and /or safe destruction and storage, and such waste is handed to them in its entirety.

Consumables from printers are delivered to companies dealing with its recycling. An electronic hand dryer is located in every restroom, and we have completely abandoned the use of paper towels for hand drying. We try to print as little as possible and keep most of the documents in electronic form. All garbage bags used in our offices are completely biodegradable. As it is the liquid soap used for hands washing.

We are aware that our current contribution to sustainable development is quite small. But, we are determined not to stop here! And we know that, eventually, these baby steps will help us do much more for the environment.

Turning your ideas into action!

Do you work on a Social Responsible project? You can send us your ideas and we will consider supporting your idea and turning it into reality. Please contact us here.


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