Mental Health and Why is it Important?

Maja Bozic Categories: Health Date 10-Oct-2018 4 minute to read

    Good mental hygiene, strength and practices have perhaps never been as emphasized as they are today. Never before have people been as equipped to take care of their mental capacities. And yet, the stress of everyday life more often than not tends to get in our way. To us, mental health and stability represent one of the four key areas of a person’s life. And we do not take this matter lightly.

    How mental health affects your daily life?

    Mental health, now more than ever, equals mental strength. We exercise our mind in order to achieve the proper mental balance. It is hard work, make no mistake. Commitment and devotion are required, with a dash of willpower. Properly regulating our emotions, managing our thought process and being positive in light of hardships is, to us, the meaning of mental strength.

    When skies are bright and the sun is shiny we are all perceived as strong and balanced individuals. Dire situations and unpredicted circumstances are what put our stability to test. And, while nobody can prepare you rightly for the unknowns that life brings, there are things that can make you more resilient and stronger when the storm hits.

    We at Vega IT wish to be your partner in this endeavour. By pointing out the small things you can do for yourself we are likely to help you strengthen and exercise your mind and mental capabilities.

    What can you do to achieve the mental balance in your life?

    Be in tune with yourself. Asses regularly what you believe in and be ready to adjust and modify your beliefs. Always exercise your ability to make them more productive, plausible and positive. Constantly challenge the black and white notions of your mind by looking for the exception to the rule.

    Do not waste time and energy in dwelling on things that are beyond what you can control. So much of our mind power is lost by constantly engaging our brain in matters that remain out of our reach. Think of all you could achieve if concentrating such effort onto creative thinking and goal setting. Be productive with your mental energy. Engage it in problem-solving rather than problem creating.

    Dedicate a small amount of time at the end of the day to think about everything you have accomplished. Reflect on your daily achievements, and focus on what the process has taught you about your thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Ask yourself the proper questions and establish what else you can do to gain future improvement.

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    But perhaps most importantly, focus your mind on knowledge. It was the late Steve Jobs who made popular the phrase:

    “Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

    Many wish to interpret this phrase as they see fit. We choose to believe it refers to a constant hunger for knowledge and the ability to step outside of our comfort zone when trying to satisfy this hunger. Our mind, our brain, is an intricate, beautifully wired machine. It is a perfect creation, capable of much and beyond. We tend to it by never neglecting it, by always satisfying its natural curiosity, by always expanding it.

    Learn, ask, research, and investigate. Don’t let a day go by without having adopted a new piece of information. Strengthen your mental health by being in the knowing. And, always pass your knowledge forward. It is not enough just to accumulate it in order to achieve mental stability. Being able to share what we know and what we have learned is a way of maintaining proper mental balance.


    Vega IT strongly believes that it is not only the individual development what matters. Together we stand, divided we fall. Our rich experience gained over the years has made us accumulate our fair share of knowledge. But we never felt selfish about it. We wanted to share what we know and have learned with other companies in our environment. We have supported and established organizations engaged in promoting education, investing in self-development and sharing of ideas and experiences. We help our colleagues improve their mental strength by organizing lectures, workshops, training and conferences. And we proudly invest in our extensive library.

    Now we are taking a step further by helping everyone reading these words tend to their mental needs. We don’t know everything, nor do we pretend to. But what we know is here for you, our advice is there should you need it. Feel free to use it, implement it. And, please, pass it on.