Emotional Health

Maja Bozic Categories: Health Date 12-Dec-2016

    These are certainly exciting and fast times that we are living in! Technological advances have made so much possible today, and it seems that everything is at our reach. We know that we can get it so we want it all and we want it immediately. We are in a state of constant pursuit; pursuit of acknowledgement, success, wealth...and this is not a bad thing! On the contrary, one should strive to achieve everything within the realm of possible. But, the pursuit sometimes can prevent us from just taking a breath and looking inwards. We are less preoccupied with our emotional self. Less likely to address how we feel about ourselves, how do we feel about the world that surrounds us, how do we handle our relationships. Chasing the palpable and material, we neglect the emotional balance and stability much needed for proper functioning. Somehow it has become easy to forget the notion that emotionally healthy people are more resilient and completely in control.

    To work on improving our emotional health is just as important as taking care of the health of our bodies. It certainly requires work, but the experience is ever so rewarding. After all, what pleasure can we have in achieving everything we are set to if we are not capable of enjoying the fruits that we reap? By maintaining and improving our emotional balance we are more equipped to cope with different challenges life puts in our way. We build on the positive characteristics of our personality, manage stress easily, make our personal relationships stronger and find means to recover quickly from any setback.

    “No man is an island.” These simple yet powerful words written centuries ago by the English poet John Donne reflect the essence of human nature. Human beings are, by default, social creatures and we do not thrive when isolated from others. Human interaction and healthy social connections are perhaps the most important factor in maintaining emotional health. Today we spend most of our time behind screens, those of our computers and cell phones. New times dictate new rules, and even though screens have their significant place in our lives, we should never give up our face-to-face interactions in favor of virtual experiences. We simply must work on building strong relationships with others. We should strive to surround ourselves with like-minded people, those we can easily and regularly talk to. People we can share experiences and knowledge with, and certainly people who care enough to let us unwind. We all need to be heard from time to time. By having a good listener at our side we can easily relieve everyday stress.


    Emotional Health

    With age we are less likely to begin new friendships. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. By the time we get to our thirties we have likely already built the strongest relationships of our lives, the ones that have stood the test of time and life itself. But, this doesn’t mean that we should not at least try and join new social groups comprised of people with shared interests. Joining networking or special interest groups that meet regularly can do wonders for our emotional stability.

    Emotional fulfillment equals happiness. We feel that few things in life are such a catalyst for happiness as it is the act of giving back to others. We should be able to offer support and care to the people that matter the most in our lives. Furthermore, we should try and engage in helping others less fortunate or in need of help. The act of volunteering is not only aimed at giving but also at receiving. Just by engaging a small portion of your time and energy in helping others, you will certainly be happier and you will enrich and expand your life. You will feel emotionally fulfilled.

    It is important to invest in yourself and not only financially, but by putting an effort into your own self-care. Achieving overall well-being should be a priority for each individual. It is only by being our best selves - happy, stable, emotionally satisfied and healthy- that we can give back to the world around us.

    At Vega IT we lead by example. It is our dream to make a happy and successful business. We emphasize the happy part of our dream, and not only because we feel that happy people are to serve our customers better. Our aim is not only to provide our colleagues with financial security, but we also strive to cultivate their emotional well-being as well. Through a number of activities such as “happy hour”, team-building events and other social occasions we take care of the emotional needs of our team. We also include their families in a number of these activities. Volunteering and philanthropy makes for a great part of our practice, and our colleagues happily take part.

    By acting in accordance with our beliefs we strive to help everybody try and achieve the required emotional balance and satisfaction.