Code for a cause 2: The final outcome

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    For 48 hours, we had a chance to witness the incredible fusion of energy, creativity, determination, and perseverance. All the participants truly embedded themselves in the event, gained immense experience, exchanged a number of ideas and learned a lot!

    Here are some essential statistics regarding Code for a Cause 2:

    • 48 Hours
    • 50 Developers
    • 6 Projects
    • 1 Cause - to make a change!

    The Hackathon was mind-blowing. Young ambitious super minds gathered together to use their knowledge, skills, and experience to develop 6 open-source projects and build solutions to problems our community voted for.

    What have we accomplished?


    Code for a Cause 2 - results

    We have successfully completed two projects out of six, while the rest of the projects are still in progress and will be finished in near future. The company Vega IT will be working on the completion of all the open-source projects and will hopefully finish them in near future. We are particularly proud that we managed to bring this year’s Hackathon to an international level an do something good on a larger scale.

    The story behind


    We have nothing but words of praise for all the young super minds who devoted their time and energy to the Cause. A big thanks to all good-willed people who decided to be a part of a change!

    It all started on June the 6th when we held an open call for all amazing ideas that will help the community we are part of. In the next month and a half, we received more than 30 great ideas, but we selected 10 of them according to their feasibility and whether it is possible to develop it in 48 hours, and we put them to a vote. The citizens of Novi Sad had a chance to decide which of the ideas were the most important for them and the top 4 with the maximum score that made it to the list are as follows:

     1. A website for the association “The right side of the street”

    2. A website development for a basketball recreationists league

    3. A mobile App for Fruškać

    4. A mobile application for the voluntary organization for the suicide prevention and emotional support “Heart”.

    In the meantime, two more project ideas caught our attention and we decided to add them to the list. Those projects ideas are:

    • INDEX  - The initial idea was to make this year’s Code for a Cause international and give our small contribution to the world we live in. We decided to help the Danish non-profit organization INDEX whose aim is to inspire, educate and engage people to design sustainable solutions to global challenges. They asked us to build a program that will make their job easier, so we gladly accepted the invitation.  
    • Safe House - since we have had a fruitful collaboration with safe House over the last few years, we thought it would be a great idea to develop a program that will help them maintain each child’s record and do research about each child more easily.  

    The next step was to hold an open call for all IT enthusiasts to join our "Code for cause" event and 55 professionals applied. Hackathon took place in our office space in Novi Sad from September the 7th to September the 9th.

    The young enthusiasts were driven by the idea that they are doing something for a greater cause all the way. Some of the participants said: “The best thing about Code for a Cause is that it gave us the opportunity to connect with many people because we were all laser-focused on one thing only - to do something good for the community that surrounds us. No prize can be a substitute for the feeling of the achievement and the level of personal fulfillment once you realize that you are helping someone.”

    We have nothing but words of praise for all the young super minds who devoted their time and energy to the Cause. A big thanks to all good-willed people who decided to be a part of a change!

    We will continue to pursue our dream to do everything that's in our power to make the world a better place to live. We invite you to join us!

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