The JavaScript journey

Maja Bozic Categories: Internal, workers, worker success Date 19-Dec-2017 4 minute to read

    Being an organization which treats people as its highest value, we keep investing our efforts in helping our colleagues develop on a personal and professional level, on a daily basis. In the past few weeks, one of the courses attended by our colleagues was a JavaScript course. The course covered the basics of JavaScript, jQuery and certain more advanced concepts such as prototypal inheritance, closures, IIFE, ES6 and more. We have asked several of our female colleagues to share their impressions with us.

    What inspired you to learn about JavaScript?

    Sezana Filipovic: The reason I wanted to start this course is that I wanted to learn the syntax of this language, to have a better understanding and to be more comfortable with it, so I can work on more complex projects, which include writing a lot of JavaScript code. :) 

    Jelena: If I want to be a great FE developer I must learn JS. This is something I have wanted for a long time. There were times when I started watching and reading tutorials online - it would last for a few days and then I would lose my motivation. At one point, my team leader asked me what it was that I would like to learn to improve my working skills and I said – JS. She said „I have something on my mind“, and the next day she told me that Vega IT would pay this course for me, because I was improving and showing interest in that. I was really happy I got this chance.

    Zorica: I had been considering that idea for quite some time, but my primary aim was to master HTML and CSS in order to enrich my acquired knowledge later with JavaScript. The moment for that finally arrived. I had heard from my colleagues who attended the course before that it was very useful and worth attending, which was another reason for joining the course.


    Our colleagues Sezana, Zorica and Jelena

    What was it that you particularly liked during this course?

    Sezana: During this course, I particularly liked the opportunity to do practical things, to solve different kinds of problems and working with algorithms using JavaScript.

    Jelena: No matter how interesting the lessons are, one of the important factors for a great course is to have a good teacher, who knows the subject and makes those classes interesting. Nenad is a really great teacher, he knows how to make us laugh and, besides that, he knows how to teach us. Each class brings us new adventures :D

    Zorica: The part of the course which I especially liked is the fact that we solve tasks as a team, through conversations, suggestions and, of course, with the assistance of our lecturers.

    Did the course help you master the basics of JS and did you manage to improve your knowledge?

    Sezana: This course was very helpful for a better understanding of JavaScript basics, everything was very well explained and we were able to ask additional questions. I think that, after this course, my knowledge of JS has improved and I am more comfortable and confident to use it in projects I am working on. 

    Jelena: I started this course with some basic knowledge of JS, but this definitely helped me learn much more than just basic things.I definitely noticed a progress. Even though I still need a lot of practice to become a good JS developer, I am happy with the results.

    What’s the next thing you would like to learn?

    Sezana: I would like to learn AngularJS framework.

    Jelena: The next thing I would like to learn is some of the JS frameworks, like Angular, React or Vue.js.

    Zorica: For now, my goal is to develop further in this field, while as for later - time will tell.

    What’s your opinion on the eternal debate whether JavaScript belongs to FE or BE?

    Sezana: I think that JS is an important part of both, FE and BE, some JS frameworks are more in use in FE and other in BE.

    Jelena: It belongs to FE. :-) 

    Zorica:  Nowadays, basically every job offer for front-end developers includes the condition of knowing JavaScript, so, regardless of whether we want to accept that or not, I believe that knowledge of JavaScript, in addition to HTML and CSS, is mandatory. In my personal opinion, I would say that JavaScript belongs to the FE part.

    We invite you all to share your opinion with us - does JavaScript belong to FE or BE?